nex-pand-logoNex-Pand is an expansive mortar, otherwise known as a Rock Breaking Chemical. It comes in a powder form, and when mixed with water, gradually expands, cracks and breaks rock, concrete, reinforced concrete, slabs, concrete beams and more.

Nex-Pand Benefits:

It is an environmentally friendly product and  produces

  • No vibrations
  • No fly rock
  • No toxic gases
  • No residue

It is safe and easy to use

  • Nex-Pand does not require permits
  • Anybody can use Just follow the simple instructions

It is cost effective

  • No down time on sites waiting for external help
  • No damage to valuable stone products
  • It is cheap and easy to transport

Who Can Use  Nex-Pand?

Anyone can use it, in any situation, because Nex-Pand is perfectly safe, soundless and non-hazardous. It is also a non-toxic product. Just follow the simple set of rules.

Applications of Nex-Pand.

  • The breaking and removal of unwanted boulders
  • Quarrying and stone cutting
  • Excavating foundations
  • Levelling stone for road works
  • Breaking up of rock e.g.: when trenching
  • Underground rock removal
  • Demolition of concrete or reinforced concrete
  • Demolition of refractory structures
  • Breaking of rock e.g.: swimming pool excavations

Safety Precautions:

  • Make sure that everybody working with Nex-Pand understands the possibility of “blowouts” and that they have read the technical instructions Avoid looking down at the holes you have poured for at least 1-3 hrs.
  • If you see the filled holes are starting to steam, that means they could “blowout” so stand clear from the holes
  • Keep away from the job site after your have poured the Nex-Pand. Suggestion: Use barrier tape
  • Take care that there might be pieces of rock or concrete loose or falling once the chemical has worked
  • Nex-Pand has a high PH level and reaches a PH of 13 after mixing with
  • If this comes into contact with mucous membranes, especially the eyes, severe irritation could be
  • Nex-Pand must then be rinsed off with water and a Doctor consulted
  • Rubber Gloves and Goggles must be worn at all times when handling Nex-Pand
  • Dust masks are recommended when the product is being used in poorly ventilated areas